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Many children with Special Educational Needs really benefit from learning to type.  It aids their spelling, comprehension and reading skills.  

When typing skills are mastered, producing written work is less of a challenge.  Once typing has become an automatic skill, it frees the mind to concentrate on content as opposed to the mechanics of getting words on paper.  And being so much quicker to execute than handwriting, it saves time and increases confidence.

Type&Test are the UK’s leading specialists in online touch-typing training.  We have been providing solutions, support and advice to hundreds of schools in the UK for more than 10 years, for pupils of all abilities aged 6 and above - and not just those with SEN!

We are the only typing training provider that offers the option of a national accredited qualification, which is delivered by Open Awards.

We offer:-

                    Leading-edge courseware, featuring an animated story to keep pupils constantly engaged

                    Up to 60 hours of varied content to avoid repetition

                    Comprehensive but easy-to-use learning administration system that tracks the progress of each pupil

                    Fully cloud based system, with no software to install, allowing practice at home as well as in school

                    Optional ‘Skill Evaluator’ typing assessments with personalised certificate

                    Optional accredited typing qualification through Open Awards

                    First class support and advice from our friendly staff

For a free product evaluation and more information, contact us on 01768 342821 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.