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Planning and implementing inclusive access provisions and evacuation procedures can be a daunting prospect, but with the right help it doesn’t have to be difficult. At Aspire GB, we know that access and evacuation for students with special needs not only requires attention to safety and practicality but also a consideration of the independence and dignity of those requiring assistance.


Access and evacuation can pose a significant challenge for schools and institutions taking care of students with disabilities, who will often require a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) and special provisions. Stair travel technology can provide a welcome addition in such scenarios, providing solutions that are less stressful for disabled students and also make life much easier for staff and coordinators.


As experts in stair travel technology, Aspire GB  offers a wide range of facilities to suit the unique requirements of your premises, including stair climbers, evacuation chairs, lifts and ramps. Whether you have just a few students with special needs or are a dedicated special needs school with complex evacuation requirements, our team is on hand to assist.


Our innovative and flexible solutions come with a complete service: from an initial site survey with our experienced team, to product demonstration and the highest standard of training. We know how vital it is for staff to feel 100% comfortable operating access equipment.  We’ll also take care of all maintenance requirements for compliance and your peace of mind. Should your need be temporary, we have equipment available for hire - whether for long or short term. 





Aspire GB Success Stories

Community special needs school with over 20 wheelchair users:

The school wanted to make their demanding evacuation process easier for both staff and students. Following an onsite consultation, we recommended several powered stair climbers  to provide a reliable and manageable evacuation procedure for pupils. The equipment reduces the manual handling issues associated with transferring pupils to other chairs and avoids excessive physical pressure on staff. The overall result: improved safety and well-being for all.


Secondary school with an electric wheelchair user joining:

This school needed to provide a suitable evacuation solution for a new student.  In this case, our MaxiMajor200 was an excellent fit as it has the high loading capability necessary for an electric chair and is also incredibly easy to use. The student can remain comfortable throughout evacuation thanks to the MaxiMajor200’s hydraulically tilting platform. Full training was carried out for staff members before the term began and the equipment now provides peace of mind that evacuation will be as straightforward as possible.


If you require advice on inclusive access and evacuation, give us a call today on: 01707 44 33 00, or make an enquiry via the Aspire GB website. Our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.


Product videos: watch our stair travel technology in action on the Aspire GB

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